Your Sleep is Our Business
At MEKAN we know how important sleep is for health and well being - so much so that we made it our business. Since 1974 our passion for providing people with a sound night's sleep has guided everything that we do, and has kept us going through times of adversity. We are proud to be MEKAN; a name that stands for trust, determination and quality.
HIGH QUALITY RAW MATERIALS What Goes In Is Just as Important as What Comes Out
It's common sense that if you use sub-par materials you will have a sub-par product, which is why we settle for nothing less than quality. The majority of our raw materials are sourced from within Turkey, while we find some of the more specialty items in Europe. All materials are rigorously tested for durability, safety and comfort before being included in MEKAN products, ensuring the continuation of our reputation for excellence.
We Are What We Produce.
All MEKAN products are lovingly craft-made in our factory in Izmit, by our team of skilled technicians. Many have been with us since we began, or have learnt the trade from a young age. This means we, and you, can rest in the knowledge that each and every piece will be finished to the highest standard. We’ve been producing in the same workshop for 34 years, after we relocated from Istanbul, which has given us plenty of time to come up with a system that works to perfection.
1974 MEKAN is founded in Istanbul. The company starts its journey with 50 employees who produce around 100 mattresses daily.
1980 The first fully orthopaedic mattress is produced by MEKAN. Thanks to MEKAN, orthopaedic mattresses become widespread across Turkey.
1982 The workshop moves to its current location in Izmit. The production department grows to nearly 400 employees, while the sales department splits into 11 regional sales departments throughout Turkey. 1000 mattresses are now produced every day.
1984 MEKAN is one of the first pioneering companies to produce spring mattresses, and is responsible for developing this trend throughout Turkey.
1990 The product range is widened with the introduction of innovatively designed bespoke bed bases and headboards. The company continues to gain momentum by creating the right publicity through fairs, holiday promotions and long-term guarantees for products.
1998 A 6.3 magnitude earthquake destroys the Izmit workshop.
2000 MEKAN starts operating as a small-scale company focusing its sales towards hotels and exports.
2002 Ali Çağlayan takes over from his father and rebuilds the workshop from the ruins, and equips it with state of the art machinery.
2003 MEKAN is now back in business!
2014 MEKAN decides to re-strengthen its dealer network in widespread sales across Turkey.
2016 MEKAN is given a new lease of life with new branding and a focused strategy based on sustainability and innovation.
THE FAMILY EFFECT MEKAN has been in the hands of the same family from the very beginning and, with the new generation now taking the reins, it is still those hands which are leading the company into its future. Passion and a desire for innovation have always been at the heart of MEKAN, but these values are being given a new lease of life; they will become the backbone of a company where exciting product design meets sustainability and environmental awareness. The company has survived so long due to the dedication and enthusiasm of each individual family member, and the lasting love of providing a quality product and service.
OUR EXPERTISE GUIDES US Having been in business for over 40 years, MEKAN is now one of the oldest mattress producers in Turkey. The wealth of knowledge and expertise that we have acquired over that time allows us to produce some of the finest quality mattresses and furniture found anywhere in the world. MEKAN is able to look to the traditions of the past while also having a firm eye on the advancements of the future; and it is this mixture, which we believe makes MEKAN great.
SIMPLICITY We aim to take away the confusion, which seems to go hand-in-hand with buying a new mattress. All information is as straightforward and concise as possible, making it easier for you to make th,e right choice, and avoid restless nights.

We don't need to confuse you with jargon. At MEKAN the quality speaks for itself.
SPECIALISM We've been in this business for over 40 years, so know how to make a product that aids and creates quality sleep. From our materials, to our methods, to our advancements, our knowledge and expertise shine through.

We don't need to pretend to be experts. At MEKAN it's in our blood.
SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS We all want to sleep with a clear conscience, which is why we make sure that we give back to the people and place that make MEKAN possible. We aim to run an enterprise that is as socially and environmentally sustainable as possible.

We don't say things we don't do. At MEKAN our word is our truth.